Kumkani AKA Gadaffi is a merciless thug who uses his charm to get on with life and his ruthlessness to get what he wants in the underworld. Having had a rough life, he believes being tough is the only way to get what he wants, but his emotions run close to the surface. He is a hot-head, volatile, obsessive. Gadaffi has achieved a kind of legendary status in the underworld, he’s known as a bit of a wild animal.


Zulu princess and wife to Mazwi Moroka through an arranged marriage. She is a doctor and mother and works hard to neautralise Jack Mabaso’s influence on her family.


A Moroka son who did not have all the rich-kid perks growing up in a KZN township, unaware his father was Archie Moroka. Now he is heir to the Moroka Empire, a title he doesn’t want, but which half-brother covets. A family man who would like to live free of the Moroka responsibility.


Sis’ Lucy, Queen of Gomorrah, grew up tough and very self-sufficient. She is a complex individual who hates to show weakness. She is tough on her family, but it ultimately comes from a place of love. She is always looking to move up in the world. She craves respect.


A cold and calculating villain. Jack is a selfish, self-controlled, worldly man, who knows how the world works, who understands not to personalise things – he keeps the prize in mind all the times. Stepfather to Sphe and Fana, Jack treats his children like pawns, moving them around his chessboard at will.


On-again, off-again wife to Gadaffi, sister to Tau and daughter to Zondiwe. Tshidi is feisty, ambitious and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants – a quality most men find attractive, and most women find intimidating. She takes on men both in the bedroom, and the boardroom. A real vixen.


The illegitimate child of Archie Moroka and Archie’s sister-in-law, Zinzi Mda. Smanga is book smart, but lacks the intuitive business savvy his half-brother Mazwi has. He is unlucky in love, has a sense of entitlement that comes with the Moroka name, but is ultimately a good guy, searching for his place in the world.


Zitha is the estranged daughter of Zola Radebe, and older sister to Wandi. She sees dominance as power, which is why she behaves so aggressively in her relationships and in her career. She is starting to think that there is an upside to her dark side and she is embracing it.


Zondiwe’s eldest child. A shrewd businessman who puts in a concerted effort to keep his business dealings on the up and up, but when he knows that he can get away with bending the rules, he will do it.


Gog’Flo is grandmother to Lucy and Cosmo and part owner of Mocha Mamas. She’s a God fearing woman who lives by the bible, she is the heart of the Diale household.


Unlucky in love, Cosmo is Lucy's brother and right-hand man to Gadaffi. He is the guy that gets things done. A thug with a heart of gold.


Adopted by the Diale’s and raised as their own. Lesedi has shown resilience after enduring terrible ordeals of being kidnapped and almost trafficked and almost raped at a school trip. Lesedi is dating the Moroka kid who knocks her up.


Owner of Mrekza’s Exclusive Lounge, Mrekza is a township bad-boy who relies on his street –savvy to get ahead. He definitely doesn’t wear the pants at home, where girlfriend Lucy keeps him on his toes.


Transgender activist and model. Wandi is a big dreamer, she wants the world, but feels like she is a work in progress – she often makes rash decisions that land her in trouble. Wandi is also Zitha’s sister.


Crazy J is a modern child – lives on social media. In fact, he is much more social and outgoing online than he is in person. He is naughty, and is trying to turn that naughtiness into an online career. He is well spoken and superficially confident, but this hides a painful shyness.

Crazy J

Tau and Tshidi’s mother – Zondiwe is the chic gogo! She still feels guilty for abandoning her kids when they were very young. Now she overcompensates by letting them do as they please, even she knows it’ll land them in trouble. Zondiwe is opinionated, hard, and meddlesome.


Pele is not a by-the-books cop, because of his years working undercover, he often works outside of the law in order to enforce it. Confident, intelligent, fearless and ready to get himself involved in dangerous, life threating situations for the greater good. He’s the ultimate loner, drifter and avenger. Quiet, yet intense, Pele is a bit of a tortured soul.


Lesedi’s best friend, and a bit of a mini-Lucy. She is confident, outgoing, and fearless. Lerato moves in with the Diale’s so she can complete her studies when her family leaves Johannesburg.


A Moroka elder who has taken it upon himself to oversee family affairs and keep the Moroka youngsters in line. It’s a big burden with Smanga, Mazwi and crazy J always giving him something to worry about.